Employee Assistance Program

In recent years, we have taken the lead in launching the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in Shandong Province, set up platforms and institutions for employees, and designated professional psychological counselors to offer employees all-round psychological services such as mental health education, training, and counseling, thereby gradually improving their mental health, life and work quality. The EAP has helped employees to de-stress and unload their burdens with an atmosphere of “respect, sincerity, warmness, attention and empathy”, and this has been well received by employees.

The National Physical and Mental Health Education and Management Center (NPMHEM), a key member of the China Health Association Mental Health Branch, is currently responsible for the “China Enterprise Mental Health Project”. With psychology as the key means, this systematic project comprehensively improves the psychological quality of employees in enterprises, institutions and government organizations to seek greater benefits for them.

In 2011, NPMHEM designated DFE as a “Shandong EAP Pilot and Model Enterprise”.